The 24th European Microelectronics  & Packaging Conference
11-14 September 2023 –
Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton
(near Cambridge), UK

Award Recipients

Awards for Oral Presentations

Best Paper

Development and Characterizations of Fine Pitch Flip-chip Interconnection Using Silver Sintering

Julie Gougeon1,2, Céline Feautrier1, Laurent Mendizabal1, Jean-Charles Souriau1, Mona Tréguer-Delapierre2, Edouard Deschaseau1, Rémi Franiatte1
1: CEA Leti, Grenoble, France
2: ICMCB, Bordeaux, France

Highly Commended Papers

Research of Chip Placement Accuracy for Fan-Out WLP Using A Novel Self-Assembly Stage

Tadatomo Yamada, Ken Takano, Toshiaki Menjo, Shinya Takyu
LINTEC Corporation, Japan

Development of a Stretchable and Removable Electrical Interconnection Solution for Ultra-thin Electronic Components

Auriane Despax-Ferreres1, Pascal Tiquet1, Jean-Charles Souriau2, Vincent Jousseaume2, Julia De Girolamo1
1: Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA Liten, Grenoble, France
2: Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA Leti, Grenoble, France

Awards for Poster Presentations

Best Poster

Improvement of Bonding Strength and Thermal Shock Reliability for Ag Sinter Joining Direct on Al Substrate

Chuantong Chen1, Ran Liu1, Koji Kobayashi2, Hideyo Osanai2, Zheng Zhang1, Katsuaki Suganuma1
1: Osaka University, Osaka, Japan


Highly Commended Poster

Reliability Testing of Recycled SMD Components Reused in E-Textiles after Ageing by Washing Cycles

Martin Hirman, Jiří Navrátil, Andrea Benešová, František Steiner
University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic